Sırnak Depolama ve Dağıtım Hizmetleri

Nakliyat A.Ş

Our firm has been active in the Type A Entrepot Warehouse sector since 1996. After consolidating our position in this sector within a very short period of time, we have succeeded in becoming one of the best and most respected leading firms in the market. In later years, our company developed its services parallel to the change and developments in Turkey’s foreign trade, and continues to offer you the best service at international standards appropriate to today’s conditions.

Constantly strengthening its infrastructure and renovating itself in the sector, our institution hasn't limited itself to serving you with warehouse in Halkali Customs on the European side with its indoor area of 7500 m2 and outdoor area of 2800 m2, but in order to provide you with the best possible service, started to serve you with an additional warehouse at our Erenkoy Branch as from 01.06.2006, 7 km away from Erenkoy Customs, offering you 4500 m2 of indoor& 2400 m2 of outdoor space.

Greetings, dear friends! It’s as if we can actually feel your friendly looks and warm emotions. We are currently experiencing a moment of sharing the accumulated experience of many years, explaining our belief in you and our approach, smiling at a new day, at a new face. In the name of sharing life together. So much water has passed under the bridge, and we have won so many people’s hearts; years have gone by. We’ve known people with laughing eyes, their faces shining with joy, sincere, true friends and comrades with irreproachable values, who came with hope in their hearts and left satisfied. We’ve known you. And as you got to know us too, we’ve embraced one another. We’ve been serving you for 21 years, with the values that we believe in, our skills, our reputation, our strong financial structure, the productive working system that we have developed, and our belief in a corporate management understanding. The reason that the indicator on every dial has turned in a positive direction is the re-establishment of confidence in the economy’s administration. This optimistic picture has affected us as well. Even if we assume that we’re experiencing the virtue of success, we don’t believe that we have reached the limits of what can be done, of innovations that can be adapted to living. We were free, we were at liberty, but we worked to produce more food, more work, and more happiness. The average life span of a company in today’s world is 7 years. In light of this, the fact that SIRNAK A.S. can still maintain growth, plan to enter new areas, give new meaning to customer satisfaction and make this the focus of business, shows that our company has maintained its dynamism of 21 years, and in fact has continued to grow stronger. In order to become more universal, we decided to change our familiar face. But in doing that, never altering our hearts or reducing the light shining within our hearts... We achieve customer satisfaction from the importance we give to quality and institutionalization, from our customer-oriented work, and from the fact that we value it above anything else. These attributes which we have achieved will help our company to continue its growth in the years to come and contribute to our country’s modern future. They say that happiness increases when shared, and that problems are reduced by sharing. For this reason, you are the friends we share with, and so you will remain. With the hope of sharing life together...

For us, Quality is the most important element for increasing productivity and competitive strength. For this reason, it is our policy to: Establish a living and developing, self-renewing spirit of quality, To create an atmosphere of participation by all employees and receptivity to change, To secure the health, safety, present and future of our employees, to increase their loyalty and satisfaction and improve their education and personal development by organizing regular activities, and the constant maintenance of a lively team spirit authorized with responsibility and information concerning transparent management principles, To enhance the complete satisfaction of our customers with our team-spirited and qualified work force, and to ensure the consistency of this satisfaction With our swift service, To constantly achieve improvement and progress in all our activities and processes, With our policy of providing the most excellent service, With our creative, innovative and progressive team, With our well-established past, With our efforts to establish a reputation in the sector, To closely follow technological developments, to explain, to educate, and to provide serious and accurate answers to questions, To offer solutions to problems, To protect social values and principles, To justify preference, And to be a service organization open to suggestions and criticism.

Our Vision

It is always a leader and preferred company in the industry. All the technological investments required to maintain the leadership are to maintain the personnel training without interruption.


To provide the ultimate service, with uncompromising commitment to our responsibilities, In an attitude of trust which we have built up over the years, at a speed limited only by our imagination

Sırnak Antrepo Management ve Mentality

The latest technology is used in all the company’s activities,
Care is taken that employees are honest, harmonious, hard-working and creative,
Employees make career plans, and receive support for their education and progress
They receive constant feedback, improving the criteria under evaluation, competing with themsleves,
They respect the importance of corporate organization, autonomous management, and absolute control,
They act within a legal framework,
They are meticulous about obeying professional and social rules.
Customer satisfaction comes first of all,
Valued, respectful to the customer
Takes full responsibility for the service provided

Promises to customers only to do,
Provides fast and healthy service to customers

Always in contact with customers,

The principle of serving customers consistently high quality,

Priority of customers' urgency,
Never compromise on service and quality,
Be confident in the confidentiality of customer information.
Customer Service
Creating Quality
Our Vision
Always being a leader and preferred company in the sector.
Our Mission
Without compromising its responsibilities, with years of experience
To provide the best quality service with our speed within the limits of our imagination power within the confidence environment we create.