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Nakliyat A.Ş

The most crucial purpose of our Human Resources Department is the planning, selecting and development of human resources with a management understanding which is sensitive towards people, and the knowledge and understanding that wealth of human resources is the most valuable asset that a company can have. At this point one of the main forces which carry us towards success is our staff. The essence of our Human Resources approach is to ensure our customers’ satisfaction at every stage of our service, and to be pioneers in this area by rendering this satisfaction constant and improving it. As we confidently approach our goal of being the best institution to work with in this field, we support the idea that our target of increasing corporate activity, the potential to adapt to change, and institutional development can only be achieved with extensive participation.

Performance Management Sernak A.Ş. applies the Performance Evaluation System which aims to increase the efficiency and work efficiency of the employees and thus to make the best use of them. This system, which is assessed according to targets and qualifications, is implemented at least once a year in such a way that all managers interview face-to-face with their employees and evaluate their records in written form. The evaluation results under the following headings are used for Training and Development:
- performance against key responsibilities of business
- personal qualifications about getting results in the business
- targets
- overall performance and training needs if any

Training and Development

Starting from the awareness that training is of strategic importance for the promotion of human quality in the long run for institutions, planned and realized trainings, Establishment of institutional culture Spreading and embracing values ​​that overlap with vision and mission, It is an indispensable part of processes such as the development of skills to support company strategies.

The identified needs that have been made regular with the annual training plan Trainings are organized on the following topics by evaluating the proposals received from Internal Training Trainers or approved reference training companies.
- Standard Group training
- Orientation Trainings
- Vocational training on request

Trainings to date

- Teamwork and communication training
- Stress management training
- Time management training
- Netsis education
- Quality system management awareness training
- Strategy budget target and financial statement analysis training
- Training to cope with working under stress
- Brain effective training
- Motivation corporate loyalty and communication training
- Contact body language and interest training education
- Effective Decision Making and Problem Solving Techniques with System Thinking

People who start working at Sirnak A.S. are provided with opportunities for promotion if they are successful and maintain their success. It is Sirnak A.S.’s policy to place hardworking and successful young employees in higher positions to cultivate them for management.

Our Vision

It is always a leader and preferred company in the industry. All the technological investments required to maintain the leadership are to maintain the personnel training without interruption.


To provide the ultimate service, with uncompromising commitment to our responsibilities, In an attitude of trust which we have built up over the years, at a speed limited only by our imagination

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