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halkalı antrepo
halkalı antrepo
Halkalı (Çatalca) Warehouse

Please click here for more information about Warehouse with properties such as 9500 m² closed and 9000 m² open area.

Samandıra Warehouse
Samandıra Warehouse
Erenköy (Sancaktepe) Warehouse

Please click for more information about our warehouse with features such as 4500 m² closed and 2400 m² open area.

Çatalca Serbest antrepo
Çatalca Serbest antrepo
Çatalca Free Warehouse

Please click here for more information about our warehouse with properties such as 5000 m² closed and 2000 m² open area.

Çatalca Serbest antrepo
Çatalca Serbest antrepo
Sancaktepe Free Warehouse

Please click here for more information about our warehouse with 500 m² closed area.

Why Us?

We serve with Quality, Fast, Reliable and Innovative Understanding.

Quality Policies

According to us Quality; The most important factor that raises efficiency and competitiveness. For this reason, with the emphasis on creating a spirit of quality that is alive and developing, self-renewing, participatory and changing together with all employees is the principle of creating an open environment.

Sense Of Work

In order to secure the employees, increase the education and individual development by organizing continuous activities in order to increase their commitment and satisfaction, the principle of keeping the team spirit in mind by sharing information and responsibility in the direction of transparent management principle is adopted.

Customer Satisfaction

Our principle is to increase our customers' perfect satisfaction with qualified work force with a team spirit, to provide customer satisfaction and to keep them constantly, to our service with speed, continuous improvement in all activities and processes, and to follow technological developments closely.


Our Principle as Sırnak Depolama ve Dağıtım Hizmetleri Nakliyat A.Ş

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything, values the customer, respects the customer's privacy, and acts diligently.
Service Responsibility
It takes full responsibility for the service provided, promises only that it can do it, has made it a principle to provide high quality service to its customers.
Service Stability
Provides fast and healthy service to its customers, always in communication, prioritizes the urgency of its customers.
Service Quality
We will never compromise on service and quality, Providing the best service with understanding, innovative and technologically oriented service.


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Sırnak Antrepo Functioning and Mantality

The latest technology is applied to all company activities,
It takes care that its employees are honest, harmonious, hardworking and creative,
Staff makes career plans, supports training and development
Constantly recycles, develops the criteria it evaluates, makes competition by itself,
Institutional organization, autonomous governance attaches importance to absolute timeliness,
Acts in the framework of laws,
Business and society strictly adhere to ethics.
Customer satisfaction comes first of all,
Valued, respectful to the customer
Takes full responsibility for the service provided

Promises to customers only to do,
Provides fast and healthy service to customers

Always in contact with customers,

The principle of serving customers consistently high quality,

Priority of customers' urgency,
Never compromise on service and quality,
Be confident in the confidentiality of customer information.
Customer Service
Creating Quality
Our Vision
Always being a leader and preferred company in the sector.
Our Mission
Without compromising its responsibilities, with years of experience
To provide the best quality service with our speed within the limits of our imagination power within the confidence environment we create.